Hello I'm awesome!

NAME: Rusty McMillan
LOCATION: Currently living in Somerville MA
FAVORITE MUSIC/ARTISTS: Trance, Acid Jazz, Trip-Hop, Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, All India Radio,  Zero 7, Hotel Costes,
FAVORITE QUOTES: “In my dreams, I march like a conquistador.”, “Space is time – time is money – all is relative.”, “I have a lot of growing up to do. I realized that the other day, in my fort.”, “Do epic shit!”, “I truly am an manifestation of my own imagination.”

RANDOM ODDITY: I’m 6’7” and it’s hard to find pants
LIKES: Cartoons, Art, Painting, Drawing, warm weather,

INSPIRATION: I find inspiration all over. The fist thing I can remember is Looney Tunes, I love the way the acted out the stories and why it was ok for Porky Pig not to wear pants but if he come out of the shower he has a towel around him. Cartoons are my roots, if I need to get a creative spark I turn to them. Toonami on Cartoon Network was also a major source of inspiration. Something about a robot in space on a giant ship. They also had very creative and innovative bumpers, the combination of awesome animation, 3D and phat beets made my afternoons awesome.

Now my inspiration is a little harder to pinpoint. Cool art, sweet music, the way wind blows a garbage bag in the air. It’s all a bit more abstract, but I take what I see and experience in my environment and try to put in on paper in one way or another.