Fresh Kicks – Hippos

hippoKicks-MainBlogImage © 2012 Rusty. All rights reserved.

Here are custom commissions kicks for a wedding. I in listed the help the of the very talented Lori from Moda di Magno to create a one of a kind bronze tab. Besure to check out etsy shop here. Stats: … Continue reading

Holiday Cards 2011

holidayCards2011_MainBlogImages © 2011 Rusty. All rights reserved.

Bixby’s Grand Adventure It was a wonderful day in the forest below Snow Hook Mountain. Normally the forest was cold and white like the inside of a polar bear’s cave. This day, however, was a scrumptiously bright and sunny day. … Continue reading

Fresh Kicks – Some for Myself

freshKicks-mine_MainBlogImages © 2011 Rusty. All rights reserved.

I finally get around to making myself some Fresh Kicks. I experimented with a new technique with the colored paint that worked really well and I’l doing again. Stats: Vans Size 16

Fresh Kicks – Moster Mess

freshKicks-MonsterMess_MainBlogImages © 2011 Rusty. All rights reserved.

You have two feel, why not show them off in these custom shoes. Don’t let the name fool you, these are clean and will turn some heads. Stats: Nike Cortez Size 11


Bigfoot Standing © 2011 Rusty. All rights reserved.

A self portrait, One of the first drawings that really started it this going.

Holiday Cards 2010

Holiday Card 2010 - Scene 1 © 2010 Rusty. All rights reserved.

A Magical Christmas Night It was calm, cold, night on Snow Hook Mountain, the skies were as clear as an ocean of stars cascading across the sky. Two friends, Charles the Snowman and Mac the Abominable Bigfoot, were starting to … Continue reading

Mike Tyson’s Fear Factor

Tyson Animation © 2010 Rusty. All rights reserved.

A short animation spoof of the hit reality TV show Fear Factor. Only this time it’s hosted by Mike Tyson. Watch the comedy unfold with his guest Micheal Jackson. Two Mikes’ for the price of one, now thats a must … Continue reading

Monster Headache

Your head taste delicious © 2010 Rusty. All rights reserved.

EWW! You’re getting slobber all over my head! Its all wet and cold! This is not fun at all. Stats: Acrylic on stained plywood. 2’x4′

Burger Time

Delicious © 2010 Rusty. All rights reserved.

Nothing like a hot juicy cheeseburger on a late summer afternoon. A ¼ pound of flame-fresh beef, ripe tomatoes, classic American Cheese and crisp lettuce on a toasted sesame seed bun. Stats: Acrylic on Canvas 20″x30″